Welcome To Virtual Pastimes, Inc.

Today's museums grant us access to witness and learn about amazing art and cultural treasures, but internally they face many challenges:

  • How do we let people know that we exist? Advertising has become so expensive and maintaining social media accounts is a full-time job...

  • How can we share our art during the off-season or renovation? The art just sits there...

  • Our temporary exhibit was an amazing success, but how do we share it with those who missed out (or want to see it again)?

  • What can we do to raise revenue? We want to create new exhibits and programs but don't want to raise our ticket or membership prices...

What if there was a way to share exhibits year-round with the entire-world, while generating revenue for new exhibits and programs?  Virtual Pastimes is proud to offer museums, historical societies, and all cultural institutions a means to create and share virtual tours of your exhibits!

Our Solution:

Virtual Pastimes immerses online visitors in high-definition, interactive online video tours of museum exhibits that make them feel as if they were walking about the museums themselves. Audio plays in the background while visitors are guided from room to room, providing informative and engaging commentary on the artifacts they see, as well as historical references to the artists and their lives.

In addition to displaying their permanent collections online, museums can also display their special exhibits with Virtual Pastimes. Unlike the physical exhibit, which may only be displayed for short periods of time, special exhibits can be permanently archived and displayed online for all visitors to view long after the display has been physically removed from the museum.

Please click here to learn more about the services we offer, or download our informative brochure.